Friday, October 9, 2015

New unofficial Lennon DVD 1980 collection coming

Two DVDs of 1980 material. No word on when it'll be out. It will include videos from the recording of "Double Fantasy" and "Milk and Honey." Full track list: Disc One: "Dear Yoko (demo) (two takes)," "I’m Losing You (new) #1," "I’m Losing You (new) #2," "I’m Moving On (Yoko) (new)", "Beautiful Boy (new) #1," "Beautiful Boy (new) #2," "Starting Over / Kiss Kiss Kiss Medley (new)," "I’m Losing You (1998)," "I’m Losing You (1998) “Behind The Scenes”," "Woman (complete original 20/20 broadcast)," "Walking On Thin Ice," "1980 Hit Factory Interview and mixing session," "John and family in Japan electronics store." Disc Two: "The Milk And Honey TV special," "Nobody Told Me (1983)", "Grow Old With Me (1983)," "Steppin’ Out (1984)," "Borrowed Time (1984) (Card Version)", "Borrowed Time (1984) (Slate Version)," "Every Man Has A Woman (1984) (John version)," "It’s Alright (1984) (Sean version)," "Milk and Honey re-release promo spot," "Starting Over (1992)," "Nobody Told Me (1992)," "Grow Old With Me (1992)," "Steppin’ Out (1992)," "Borrowed Time (1992)." <p>