Thursday, October 1, 2015

Video preview of new PBS interview with Ringo that begins tonight

A new two-part interview with Ringo Starr by Tavis Smiley begins tonight (Oct. 1) on local PBS stations.

Said Smiley, "Tonight, I'm joined by rock and roll icon Ringo Starr for part one of a special two-night conversation. The world's most famous drummer, the man who gave The Beatles its "heartbeat," has also enjoyed an immensely successful career as a solo artist and band leader, releasing over two dozen original and live albums since 1970, the year the Fab Four officially called it quits. A talented photographer, Starr recently published "Photograph," both a collection of rare and never-before-seen images and a 15,000 word manuscript chronicling his youth, his time with The Beatles, and beyond."

In the video clip, he describes the emotion the band felt on arriving in America for the first time. Check the show website for your local TV listings. Part 2 is scheduled to air nationally Oct. 2, but PBS stations are free to run shows as they wish, so again, check the website for the correct time.