Saturday, November 26, 2016

Ex-Klaatu member Terry Draper with new CD, look into the archives

Terry Draper/TerryTunes

Terry Draper, formerly of Klaatu, has two recent releases. The most recent is "Window of the World: The Lost '80's Tapes," a 4 GB USB flash drive with 22 songs that Draper has pulled from his archives. Some of the songs have been modified for the release. The drive also includes four videos and the package also includes a postcard and a booklet.

"Searching," the CD pictured above, was released earlier this year. As did Klaatu, the album has a very lush sound and is very Beatles-influenced. It includes a medley of John Sebastian's "Younger Girl" and "Flower Girl," from the Cowsills' "The Rain, the Park and Other Things."

Get both albums through the links. Also, our "That's What I Want Beatles" online store has separate sections of Klaatu and Terry Draper releases. Be sure to check them out.